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Rio de Janeiro
27Jan2018 10:48:44
Publicado por: Diana Balis


Rio de Janeiro

Diana Balis

Path in the grass, between the river and the sea, centennial trees, are thirsting for hope

Hills occupied by alleys and slums, and entire families without destination.

Sewage, rubbish, streams and below, on the way to the sea in Leblon

In Vista Chinesa, the belvedere, I experienced the most beautiful and deserted landscape, in the simple expression of beautiful life.

Rio de Janeiro, in the future in the heat of the night, has bandits in the streets, and in the buildings by my side.

I tired the poetic word of Carioca, I want money in the hands of those who live the honesty of daily life.

Everyone moves, and they travel in the need to come and go here.

They long to be Cariocas: Mineiros, Paulistas, Sulistas, Pernambucanos, Baianos, who else!

Sand sculptures are silent in the afternoon to applaud the sunset

Poetic is to be human, and to have compassion for being social.

Love of life that will be reborn as a phoenix.


Rio de Janeiro, 27 de janeiro de 2018.



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